Rent or Purchase Hologram Displays

to Wow Audiences

Hologram content can be true live telepresence or pre-recorded with VFX to show off logos, products and more. We are also happy to provide our best practices and content guidelines to empower you to create your own hologram content. Our displays are ideal for trade shows, large events, and permanent installations for businesses and museums.

See What’s Possible; Watch a short video below of some past events.

Z Display and-Life-Size Display

Z Hologram Display

Kiosks for smaller holograms.

Starting at $10K.


Life-Size Hologram Displays

To display life-size people.

Starting at $50K


The Experience Gallery

Here is a selection of some past experiences using VNTANA Hologram Displays


How do you shoot hologram content and what space is required?

We require about an hour or less (depending on length of content) of your presenter’s time.

A studio or environment that has the following:

  • 20’w x 30’l x 14’ h space
  • The ability to black out the windows (we’ll bring the blackout curtains)
  • A relatively quiet environment for capturing sound
  • 60amps of 120v power

We frequently shoot content at our clients’ office spaces or warehouses, but always have the ability to source a nearby studio if those aren’t an option

How is the hologram system setup and operated?

  • Setup generally takes about 8 hours and we prefer to do it the day before your event
  • We handle shipping, setup, operation, & strike as well as lighting and audio
  • Our systems work in bright environments like trade show floors
  • Darker backgrounds produce a more crisp image so we generally like to have a black curtain or something similar behind the hologram, but we will work with you to make sure it looks great in your environment
  • We choose the right system for your needs. Here are the footprints of our 2 most popular solutions
    • 15’w x 12’d x 10’h
    • 10’w x 12’x x 10’h

Do you use Pepper’s Ghost?

Yes we brought Pepper’s Ghost into the twenty-first century. Our systems are designed to scale and have powered global experiential marketing campaigns. We have the smallest hardware profile on the market and the brightest displays to give the best holographic projection possible.

Do holograms require any special glasses or headset to see?

No. Our holograms can been seen by everyone at your event without glasses or holding up a phone and have about a 140° viewing angle.

Does it need to be really dark in order to see the hologram?

Nope. Our hologram equipment can work in bright environments such as trade shows and conferences. We do need a darker background directly behind the hologram and it’s always best practice not to have a light shining directly on the equipment, but we do things in bright environments all the time.

Can the hologram be outdoors?

Yes, we can work outdoors, but we have the same concerns as any other technology being used outdoor: heat, cold, rain, snow, etc. We need the area for the hologram to be tented for this reason, but we have done them outdoors during the day at events like SXSW.

What is the turnaround time on creating the hologram?

Generally, we like to have ~5 weeks before an event, but we have created live hologram presentations with under 2 weeks notice.

Can I create the hologram content myself?

Yes! Our goal is to make your event a success and we are happy to work with capable creators like yourself to bring your vision to life. For clients who are working with us, we are able to provide best practices or we can consult on the content creation process.

Can your hologram equipment be permanently installed?

Yes. Our equipment can be permanently installed and integrated into an exhibit or it can be setup for an event or presentation.

Can your hologram equipment tour?

Yes. Our equipment is built to travel and can be integrated into tours for experiential marketing and concerts.

Where do we work?

We work wherever your hologram is needed! From Los Angeles to New York and across the pond on both coasts, we can make your hologram happen.