Microsoft wanted to inspire students during HackSC at the University of Southern Californian to hack using Microsoft products, positioning the company as a thought leader and partner for entrepreneurs. They partnered with VNTANA to create a hologram showcase of Microsoft’s Startup Success story to encourage students during the weekend’s events.

Microsoft immediately captivated the crowd by delivering an opening keynote speech by Microsoft Executives as Holograms! Additionally, an interactive HOLLAgram unit was installed at the Microsoft booth during the Hackathon weekend to continuously inspire students while capturing their contact information for future opportunities.

Nearly 600 students participated in “Hack with Microsoft” and the winner of the Hack used the same Microsoft product featured on the HOLLAgram. One third of the hackers experienced the HOLLAgram during the weekend and each participant got to see their hologram LIVE next to the Microsoft logo and spin it in virtual space with a simple hand movement. A GIF was immediately sent to them after the experience to share on social channels.

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